This Summer OPENSOURCE Art will hold a weekly evening workshop for making home products out of reclaimed materials from the Champaign-Urbana community. OPENSOURCE will have a basic wood shop set up with experienced people in shop to assist with using the tools and a wide range of waste materials in stock. Participants are also invited to bring in their own reclaimed material and tools. Let's get together and make some beautiful products out of waste from our area!

OPENworkshop will take place Wednesday nights from 7-10pm. Additional meetings will be added as needed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We have a table saw now! Tonight Eric, Louis and Ryan set it up and installed a fresh blade. I cut out the shape of Illinois on the scroll saw and replaced the blade. Molly was in the workshop working in her studio. Things are starting move more fluidly now that we have all the necessary equipment. We are using the front window to display all the cool things that people will make. Right now Louis is finishing up his shelving unit. Check out the pictures!

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Ryan Thompson said...

Hooray for reverse threaded bolts on table saw blades. It's true what they say about learning something new every time you go to OPENworkshop!